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Powerful vacuums built to impeccable German standards

SEBO Canada offers powerful, German-engineered and manufactured upright and canister vacuums. Our vacuums feature award-winning, groundbreaking S-Class filtration technology (HEPA equivalent), and come with a complimentary extended 10-year warranty.

Our goal is to provide home owners with commercial-grade vacuum cleaners that require minimal maintenance, virtually no loss of suction or power, hospital-grade filtration, and will last at least 10 years or more.

Providing quality products will ultimately result in fewer vacuum cleaners ending up in the landfill, which we are passionate about preventing.

Invest in a SEBO vacuum cleaner today and stop worrying about having to replace your vacuum cleaner every 2 years. We have hundreds of satisfied customers that are still using their SEBO vacuum cleaner 15+ years later!

SEBO Canada is here to make your home, and our country, a better place.

Upright Vacuums

All SEBO upright vacuum cleaners are jam-packed with features that surpass industry standards. From automatic brush-roller height adjustments to incredible hospital-grade filtration systems, we believe in providing only the highest quality machines to our customers.

SEBO’s commercial-grade upright vacuums are

unlike anything you’ve cleaned with before.

Canister Vacuums

For a flexible approach to cleaning, SEBO’s canister vacuum cleaners are lightweight, compact, and come with 360° rotating rubber wheels for superb mobility. Their superior noise reduction means they will quietly get the job done while their patented Airbelt bumper system will protect your walls and furniture from any damage while you clean!

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