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Vacuum Cleaners main cause of static electricity build up is low humidity environments. In northern Canada we have very cold, dry air for more than 8 months out of the year. This creates the perfect environment to generate electricity. The vacuum rubbing back and forth on the carpet causes friction. The same thing happens inside the hose as well. The dirt and debris you’re sucking up from your floors collide against the hose over and over again. This friction over time begins to build up negative charges. This in itself wouldn’t cause any problems, because the negative charges don’t have anything to interact with. The problem happens when you touch the hose with your hand. Your body is more positively charged than the hose. To neutralize the charge, the hose sends over some of those negative charges your way. It needs to balance out all the positivity you’re holding. Because the charge has nowhere else to go, it gets released into your skin. Electrons go through your body causing you to feel a shock.


#1. Run Humidifiers

Adding moisture to the room will greatly improve static. To counteract the dry air, get a humidifier. If you can't afford one, you can just build a humidifier by simply boiling water on the stove.

You can also leave pots of water around your home and let it evaporate on its own. Try adding some spices to the water to give your place a nice scent as well. 

#2. Wear static free clothing

Start with Shoes. Preferably leather soled shoes, but rubber soled will work as well. Also try not to wear wool, as it is a perfect conductor. Most carpets have wool in them which explains another portion of why static builds up.

#3. Discharge the Static Build-up

By frequently holding the tube against other metal objects in the room (eg. legs of a table or chair, radiator etc.).

#4 The Chemical Cure

One easy treatment for static on carpets is to use an anti-static spray. Test for color fastness first. Most static cling sprays used to prevent clingy clothing will work on carpet. You can also make a homemade version of a commercial anti-static spray. Combine a small amount of liquid fabric softener with water and shake it up inside a spray bottle. Spray a light dusting of the treatment over the parts of the carpet used the most often. Keep the bottle handy during the winter or other dry times and treat the carpet regularly to stop static from building up.

Another thing to try is wiping your vacuum over with Bounce anti static dryer sheets.

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