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Many people assume that bags only need to be replaced when they feel full. However, to keep your machine working at its best, you’ll want to replace the bag when it is about 2/3 full, not when it is completely filled with dirt.

When Checking bag fullness, make sure that the bag is properly attached. 

Use the proper bag designed for your vacuum cleaner. Do not modify a bag to make it fit.

Make sure you don't throw out the bag holder if your vacuum has one!


At Energetic Vacuums we have a large Supply of Bags in Stock

if you are unsure of what bags to purchase, bring you vac with you when you come visit us!


The More Furry and Hairy Things you have in your life....the more often you are going to have to clean your brushroll! It is just a fact of life. Flip your powerhead over once a session and using a Dollar Store Seam Ripper, scissors,or a Utility knife to cut the hair off the roller, use your vacuums suction to suck it away.

At least 4 times a year open up the bottom plate and pull the brushroller out, check the belt while your at it. Clean it thoroughly. Hold the brushroller palming the ends and see if it spins freely.

If this is beyond your capabilities, Energetic Vacuums can do this for you for a minimal charge


If the belt isn’t tight against the roll, it may be time to replace it. Check to see if it is stretched or frayed

As a general rule, smooth belts should be replaced every six months to one year. This is not a solid number, however, as it really depends on the frequency of which you use your vacuum cleaner, not to mention how many hairy things live in your house! If you don’t use your vacuum cleaner very often, let’s say once every two or three weeks, then you likely won’t need to replace the belt twice a year. However, if you use it every single day, then maybe you’ll need to replace the belt every few months.

If this is beyond your capabilities, Energetic Vacuums can do this for you for a minimal charge

This is Very Different for Geared Belts and Serpentine belts, many of them are lifetime belts and if you are breaking them, there is something else wrong 


Your owner's manual states that "the use of an extension cord is not recommended." Here are the reasons:

· Extension cords generally are of a lower gauge wire than power supply cords. This lower gauge wire will heat due to the smaller gauge and could possibly melt the insulation of the extension cord, causing a short circuit. This short can cause shock to the user or ignition of any combustible material it touches (Fire). Because of the increased heat, the wall outlet will also heat, causing a potential breakdown of the outlet internally without the consumer being aware. Internal arcing of the outlet can cause internal wall fires.

 Using an extension cord on  Vacuum Cleaners could cause excessive heat and voltage drop, this could damage the Vacuum Circuit Boards and motor. It can also cause your Vacuum to have low suction, trip off the motor, and generally not function properly


My Favorite trick if you suspect that your hose may have a clog in it. Works for Central Vac Hoses to upright vacs too! 

Simply detach hose from wall, canister, or pull out wand for upright: Drop a marble down the wall, canister or, wand end, and run it through the hose all the way until it comes out the other end. If it doesn't come out - YOU HAVE A CLOG! 

Got More problems? Maybe these solutions will help!

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