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Extraction Cleaners

This covers any machine that sprays water out, agitates it into carpet and then has suction that draws the liquid out of the carpet


I can't say this enough: Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum! Use a good quality vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the whole carpet, in different directions, each time. I recommend to Vacuum at least 4 times to 9 times. In our experience, many repairs are due to not vacuuming the carpet enough. These units are not Vacuum cleaners, they do not handle globs of pet hair well.


Mix a higher concentrate of the cleaning solution in a spray bottle and go after those darker spots and stains. Let sit 5 to 10 minutes before starting. We recommend Stain-X Products 


They say Use Hot Water....Our Tap water can be very hot....too hot. Most extraction style machines are made of plastic. At higher heat settings tanks can warp. This can cause flow problems. Many Pro-heat cleaners have a heater that heats the water to proper temperature. I recommend using the temperature of "what you would bath a baby in" 

Clean Your Cleaner

Rinse all of the lines out by running water in the soap dispenser. Rinse the chambers. You can even run vinegar through the unit before you put it in storage. The biggest repair we do is to unclog the injectors after hard water and soap has been allowed to dry inside the unit.  This is a pretty good guide minus the "Hot Water"

Don't Lend it To a Friend

As Funny as this sounds... most of the repairs we do on extraction units are because they were lent out. Have your friend review these tips before using. Hopefully that ensures it's safe return

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