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How often do I replace the Powerhead Belt?

Smooth Belts every 4-6 months depending on usage, carpet pile height, and how many hairy creatures are in your home!

Geared Belts replace only when they break or are missing cogs

Serpentine Belts replace when they break or have been burned.

How often do I replace Vacuum Bags?

It is recommended when the bag is 2/3 full. 

Never re-use a bag and never overfill a bag, it causes strain on the motor, shrinking the life of your vacuum cleaner. 

Always use the proper bag for your vacuum

Always check to see if the bag is installed correctly before operating the vacuum cleaner

How often do I replace Filters?

Pre-motor Standard material filters are recommended every 6 months

Hepa media filters are recommended to replace once a year.

"Lifetime" washable filters, considering the average lifetime of these vacuums is usually between 2-5 years, we recommend replacing these filters every  year, to prolong the life of your vacuum cleaner.

Which brands of Vacuum Cleaners do You repair?

Most Makes and Models! Plus we repair Carpet Extractors and Cleaning Machines. We do Repairs in Store, and have a large supply of parts on hand!

How often should I have my vacuum cleaner tuned up?

 maintain peak performance, you should do self maintenance monthly. We recommend a full service done every year on a bagless, and every 2 years on a bagged vacuum cleaner.

Do you have the bags, belts or filters for my vacuum?

We stock bags, belts and filters for most makes and models of vacuum cleaners. If we don’t have it in stock we can order it for you.

Do you do warranty repairs?

We offer in-store warranty service on everything we sell plus factory warranty service on  Bissell, Sirena, TriStar, Hoover, Dirt Devil, Sebo, Johnny Vac, Numatic and Miele brand Machines

What is the best vacuum cleaner for someone with allergies?

A vacuum with an anti-allergy hep cloth bag is far superior to a bagless vacuum for people with allergies, as vacuum bags improve filtration. Because bagless vacuums do not have a bag, the filters clog more quickly, reducing suction and lowering cleaning effectiveness. In addition, when the bagless vacuum container is emptied, dust and other allergens become airborne. Many Bagless Vacuums actually blow dust into the air as you are vacuuming. If their is dust on the outside of the chamber anywhere, it is not cleaning your house.

Do higher amp vacuums clean better?

Not necessarily. Amps are a measurement of the amount of electricity the machine uses, while cleaning ability is determined by the amount of air flow the vacuum produces. A larger, more efficient fan can produce more airflow using fewer amps.

Which is better, a canister or upright vacuum cleaner?

This all depends on what the function of the vacuum is. If you have hallways of carpet: An upright is recommended. If you have bare floors, carpeted stairs, and bedrooms: A canister is recommended. It is best to talk to our store clerk to work out which would work best for you.

Do generic vacuum bags work as well as name-brand bags?

 Many generic bags (Arm & Hammer) are made of a thinner paper than name-brand bags. This can reduce the amount of dust trapped and allow more dust to escape (causing damage to your vacuum cleaner). The use of generic bags may also void some manufacturers’ warranties, so be sure to check your warranty before switching to generic bags. At Energetic Vacuums we sell Envirocare Technologies which carries the highest quality of generic brand bags as well as genuine bags.

How often should I Vacuum???

It is best to vacuum your carpet at least twice a week. If you can’t vacuum your entire house this often, at least vacuum the high traffic areas twice a week.

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