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In My Opinion

Seeing All types of Vacuum Cleaners sure gives you a different perspective on them!

The Roller Works On All Floor Types.....Right?

What a joke! Those light and fluffy bristles that gently caress your hardwood floor, gathering cheerios and fine nothing for carpet. They don't have the strength to agitate it properly, to divide the fibers and get the debris out. They would simply touch the top of the fibers and bend...You might as well use a feather duster. Now on the other hand, bristles designed for carpet, are strong and grab the top portion, separating the fibers so the suction can get down to the base where the dirt settles. These rollers should never be rotating on your hard floor surfaces. It is like a small sander ripping the top coating off your floor, making it dull. You need two floor tools for two different types of flooring. Or the ability to shut the roller off.

Aren't Bagless Vacuums The BEST?

NO........they are not. Almost 85% of our repairs are bagless vacuums! From Central Vacs to Hand Vacs. Bagless vacs require WAYYYYY more maintenance than a bagged vac. If you are not cleaning them almost every time you vacuum: Dirt builds up in the filter, then works it's way through to your motor.....then you are blowing fine dust all over your house. I say if you have dust on your isn't cleaning. All of these Hepa ratings and false advertising about asthma and allergy certified go out the door, as soon as you release that button, dispensing the debris into your garbage can. Where the next 10+ items thrown in cause it to poof out all over the place. Not to mention that you probably had to reach your hand up into the chamber to grab that mitt full of stuck hair dust disgust...PS for health reasons, you are actually supposed to wear gloves and a mask when doing this as "it isn't just dust". Skin Cells, micro eggs, dust mites (Droppings from dust mites can carry diseases or airborne illnesses.) Pet hair...whatever your pet brought in from outside. You know how good he is at making "friends"!

In fact we had a customer who bought a house...It had a bagless central vac system. It was full. She had been doing reno's so she took the full bin to the dumpster and dumped it in, not thinking much about it. she cleaned the internal filter (all with out gloves and a face mask) re-assembled the unit and continued to use it. Over time she got her reno's done, was settling nicely into town. Several weeks later, breathing problems started, she thought it was just different air. She steadily got worse, until she went to her doctor, who prescribed asthma inhalers. it didn't help at all, she got sicker. When an ex-ray of her lungs was taken, they found hundreds of small worms. I learned this when she came to me with her central vac canister asking for it to be fitted for a bag. She had inhaled worm eggs in the dust particles when she dumped the bin. 

A lot of people say they switched to bagless to save the environment....I have been noting the lifespan of bagless vacuums. It is between 2-5 years, depending on if the person maintains the filters. And no there is no such thing as a lifetime filters. There is no cost savings between buying bags and replacing filters! Also Bags never harmed the environment, most are harvested from renewable resources, and deteriorate. Now going through a vacuum cleaner every year (focusing on the cheap bagless vacs here) is not very environmentally conscientious...Most people buying those vacs throw them in the garbage instead of recycling. 

So buy a bagged vac, at least for your health. We have way too many asthmatic children as it is.

Please stop using dry baking soda on your carpet

Baking Soda and any of those fine powdered, scented, carpet fresh products are damaging both your vacuum cleaner and your carpet! We have had several Vacuum Cleaners come in smelling like potpourri and screaming at us when we fire them up. 

Reasons not to use these carpet powders:

The particles of baking soda (in carpet powders) are so small, that no matter how strong the suction is on your Vacuum Cleaner,  a portion of the product remains in the carpet fiber or sifts beneath the rug and padding to the floor below (never to be recovered!). They are abrasive and start to damage the underlay of your carpet. Not to mention that when you have your carpets professionally cleaned, these powders turn into a sludge and can take hours longer (and get costly) to clean properly. The companies that create these products, do not care about your carpets or your vacuum cleaner. They only care about selling product, they will advertise it as the most amazing thing. Most of them are just scent masks, they never remove the odor so it creeps back, time after time.

Due to the small particle size of baking soda or freshener product, these will clog the pores of your vacuum cleaners bag or HEPA filter. This drastically reduces suction resulting in poor cleaning performance. Even worse, this dust can get into your vacuum’s motor, sand down the motor brushes and eventually short it out. Making the life of your vacuum cleaner shorter. Which in this day and age, usually end up in the landfill. 

What can you use?

There are a number of products that are designed for the life of your vacuum cleaner, and your carpets. From Fresh Wave Odor removing Vacuum Beads to PowAir Penetrator Spray.

We also recommend you leave the really bad carpet odor  problems to the professional carpet cleaning companies in your area.

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