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Back Pack Vac's

The Pros and Cons of Backpack Vacuums

Backpack vacuum cleaners have their strengths and weaknesses. Being aware of these attributes before rushing out to buy one is useful and necessary.


They allow you to stand upright – The first advantage is that they allow you to stand upright as you clean. Pull-along vacuums, in contrast, need you to bend over and can cause unnecessary strain to your back in the process.

They are portable – Besides not affecting your posture, backpack vacuums are maneuverable. They are designed to be lightweight enough that you can easily carry it around on your back. This makes cleaning difficult areas, such as stairs or corners, a lot easier.

You do not need to empty them so often – Apart from their portability, they are also easier to empty. You do not need to dispose of the dust in the bags so often because most come with powerful filters. Some even have two.


They have fewer features – Apart from being lighter, they often have fewer features than canister vacuums.

They cost more – Backpack vacuums often cost more than upright and canister models, however, depending on the individual and the situation, sometimes the extra cost is well worth it.

Most are better suited for commercial use – Due to their heftier price and power, most of these machines were meant for commercial use. However, due to increasing popularity, there are many models being introduced that are perfect for the average home.

How to Choose a Backpack Vacuum For Home Use

That being said, using backpack vacuums in the home is becoming more and more common. It’s all about knowing which features to look for while doing your research:

Choose a lightweight model – The first criteria a backpack vacuum must fulfill is being lightweight. A heavy vacuum is cumbersome and does not do your back any favors, which negates the whole purpose of buying one for the extra convenience.

It must have enough suction power – Aside from being lightweight, a good backpack vacuum must have dynamic suction power. Vacuuming with a machine that needs repeated charging is a tiring chore.

It must have dynamic filters – Dynamic power aside, it must also have powerful filters that absorb dirt efficiently. If you need to empty canisters often, it usually means the filters are not strong enough.

Consider the cleaning tools – Lastly, an efficient backpack vacuum should have sufficient, reliable cleaning tools that lift dirt from hard-to-reach areas.

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