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Airstream Stick Vac


Usually in Stock

The StickVac+

+ One of the most powerful cordless vacuums (80' H20)

+ Durability (induction motor/brushless for extended life)

+ Up to 60 minutes of battery life (12 minutes on Turbo mode)

+ Ultra lightweight (5.2 lb)

+ Mini Motorized Nozzle and 6 other accessories (A value of up to $65)

+ 1 Year Warranty

+ Extra filter included

Airstream upright vacuum cleaner, cordless, ultra-light, bagless with motorized powerhead.

Simple to use and convenient! This ultra lightweight and cordless vacuum will simplify the way you do your daily cleaning. It includes a motorized power head with LED lights and 2 in 1 accessories for multiple uses. It features one touch dirt drain button, washable filters and a removable battery for easy charging. The perfect vacuum cleaner for quick cleaning!

Stick Vac+ Features:

Induction motor for extended life

Up to 60 minutes of battery life

Ultra lightweight, only 5.2 lb

7 Accessories

1 year Warranty

HEPA filter

Mini motorized nozzle

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