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Sebo Airbelt E-Series Canister Vacuum

The quietest little vacuum of them all

The Airbelt E-Series works hard and still lets others sleep. Innovation shows in every aspect of the compact design, from the Airbelt bumper system to the clever tool storage and easy bag change. These vacuums are light, compact, durable, and powerful.

Knows how to be discreet

Our quietest vacuum, the E-Series gets the cleaning done without making a fuss. Surprisingly powerful for such a compact vacuum, you’ll be impressed with the performance. If your household is full of people who sleep on different schedules, you can clean whenever you like without worrying about waking others up.

Compact and lightweight

Known for its compact appearance, the E-Series is easy to store and light to lift. It’s ideal for smaller apartments or homes without much storage, and it’s easy for those with mobility issues to use.

Easy to control and move

The E-Series follows in your footsteps as you clean. Due to its centered hose, simply pull and it will move exactly as you expect. Its small, compact body means it’s easy to navigate around your home as you clean and you can easily lift it to clean stairs.

Airbelt for smooth moves, even around tricky corners

Don’t worry about scuffing walls or furniture as you clean. The E-series has an Airbelt built around its canister that protects your surfaces, even when you’re not paying attention. The E-Series protects your home from unnecessary scuff marks, giving you peace of mind.

Superior filtration

The Airbelt bumper around the E-series canister is also a filter! It functions as the last stage in SEBO’s multistage filtration system, cleaning the air that returns into your home. This multifaceted approach to keeping your air dust-free sets all our canister models apart.

Available models

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