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Sebo Airbelt D-Series Canister Vacuum

Our most powerful canister vacuum

A powerhouse when it comes to both airflow and performance! If you’re looking for an exceptional clean, look no further. The SEBO Airbelt D-Series brings all the quality you expect from German engineering. Easily maneuverable, and with a bigger bag capacity, this canister vacuum will make your life cleaner.

The power is in the performance

The D-Series brings unparalleled power to every performance. With incredible suction, you’ll be sure to vacuum up every last speck of dust. The proof is in the spotless floors you leave behind.

Bigger bag capacity

Our biggest canister vacuum gives you more capacity to collect dirt, so you don’t have to change the bag as often. It does require a bigger storage space than our other canister models, so it’s ideal for homes that have a little more room.

320-degree swivel for a flexible clean

The hose swivels right at the point where it meets the canister so you don’t have to rotate the entire canister to get where you’re going. If you’re prone to dancing while you clean or have a home full of awkward corners and angles, this vacuum is perfect.

It won’t leave behind any scuff marks

The Airbelt around the canister acts as a handy bumper, so you don’t have to keep a close eye on the walls or furniture as you clean. The D-Series protects your home from any unnecessary scuff marks, giving you peace of mind.

Superior filtration

The Airbelt bumper around the D-series canister is also a filter! It functions as the last stage in SEBO’s multistage filtration system, cleaning the air that returns into your home. This multifaceted approach to keeping your air dust-free sets all our canister models apart.

Available in these Colors

The Sebo Airbelt D Canister

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