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The Complete C3 Cat and Dog by Miele comes packaged for the home in need of a deep clean. Named for it's filtration ability to remove odours from the air but any filter is compatible with this model for non-pet owners. For those stubborn carpets that flatten out with footprints and lint and hair that never seem to come out Miele includes the SEB228 power brush. The Miele SEB228 electric power head is a great mid-range unit for cleaning a variety of carpet densities. With 5 levels of adjustment, the agitator has been engineered to lift deep pile carpet, gently agitate delicate carpet and remove stubborn dirt such as pet hair and deeply embedded dust. This head is very easy to maneuver because of the pivoting neck and rubberized wheels. It twists and turns effortlessly around table legs and navigates under low furniture. When not in use the Miele SEB228 will stand on its own and it has a quick release lever so you can effortlessly disconnect the extension wand. For added durability Miele uses a non-slip flat belt that runs very quiet. If the brush becomes stuck on a large object, a trigger shuts the motor off to prevent damage and is easily reset with the push of a button. For bare floors Miele includes the SBB300 Parquet Twister floor brush with A mixture of polyamide and natural hair ensures a gentle cushion. Tile, wood and other smooth surfaces are cleaned thoroughly with extreme care. It has a 180° rotation and is exceptionally agile at cleaning around obstacles such as table legs and in tight places. The double swivel also allows it to lay flat for reaching under low furniture. Under the hood is a full tool set including a dusting brush, crevice tool and upholstery tool for all your above floor cleaning needs.

The Complete C3 series sets a new standard in floor care with its perfect synergy of design and functionality. Starting with 1200 watts of power behind the German made Vortex Silence motor that will easily clean any surface with very little noise. It's so powerful that Miele had to create six adjustable speeds so that you don't have too much suction for cleaning delicates but enough to remove heavy sand and dirt from bare floors. Adjusting the speeds on this model is very easy with the push button controls on the machine. The hose material is very resilient to damage and because of its light weight and flexible material you can literally step on the hose and it bounces back to its original shape. The body is also very durable so that it stands up to Miele's vigorous testing to ensure that this vacuum will have a 20 year life.

Key Features:

Ultra quiet 12 amp, 1200 watt Vortex motor with 6 speeds.

Full set of push button controls on base of the vacuum.

12.5" Parquet Twister floor brush.

Full size heavy duty electric power brush for medium to deep pile carpet.

Non-slip belt with overload protects against breakage.

24' power cord with automatic cord winder.

Swivel caster wheels.

4.5 litre 9 layer fleece disposable bag for added air flow and filtration.

Active Air Clean filtration for eliminating odours.

Sealed filtration.

Performance indicator lets you know when the bag is over full or when there is a blockage in the hose.

5 year warranty on the vacuum and a 7 year warranty on the vacuum motor.

The weight of the vacuum only is 13 pounds.

Supplied Accessories:

On-board tools include upholstery tool, dusting brush and crevice tool.

Miele SEB228 electric power brush.

12.5" Parquet Twister floor bush

7' crush proof hose with ergonomic double swivel handle for maximum mobility.

Durable metal telescoping wand.

Show pet hair who's boss with Miele's Cat and Dog Vacuum

How To Keep Your Dog or Cat (and Their Owners) Happy 

Ever feel confronted by just too much pet hair? Driven to the brink? Considering doing something extreme? Don't despair: Miele Cat & Dog Vacuum will take care of you AND your pet.

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